Venez à ma rencontre, dans mon atelier et dans mon quartier, en cliquant sur la vidéo. Patsy, la Fée du Mile End.

The video is in french but you still get to peek inside my studio and see a bit of my neighbourhood.

The story I’m about to tell you is somewhat of a fairytale. It’s the story of how I became the Mile End Fairy. It all started at Christmas, in 2012. I was wanting to do yet another project to survive the Christmas madness but had no money. Thus came the challenge of designing an experience solely based on what I found in my studio.  I orchestrated The Little Match Girl on Waverly, based on the famous short story.

Basically, I cut up the original story into 25 pieces and printed each piece on acetate (which I had!).  I stitched the printed acetates to green paper, inserted them into 25 envelopes (I was a wedding invitation designer for almost 15 years so had a ton leftover) and delivered each piece in a mailbox, one day at a time, from the 1st of December to the 25th, much like an Advent Calendar.

The envelope also included a letter which explained this gift and simply asked the residents to exhibit the page on their front door, this way the story could be followed by all, one page at a time.  Each page indicated the address of the preceding and following one.

When I started imagining this project, I was obsessed by the idea of creating MAGIC at Christmas, not knowing if it was still possible.  I also wondered if, in a time when the spectacular is defined by video projections, a no-tech project like this one, could still be of interest.  Most importantly, I had no idea if people would participate.

When I went to deliver my second envelope on December 2nd, the first page was proudly hanging on its front door.  I was ecstatic! This went on for 25 days.  And somewhere along the way, I ended up on the front page of a very important french newspaper.  That day, I decided to dedicate an entire year of my life to my neighbourhood.  One full year to transform commercial holidays into magical moments.

A year and a half and six projects later, the magic continues.